The Social Economy Alliance

The last decade has seen massive progress in the social sector in the UK.Social enterprises and co-operatives are outperforming just-for-profit businesses; alternative banks have better returns on assets, lower volatility and higher growth, and a growing proportion of start-ups are socially-driven. The UK social investment market is growing fast and attracting global attention.


The Social Economy Alliance aims to radically affect the way all political parties formulate social and economic policies in advance of the 2015 General Election. The aim is to grow the impact of the social economy.


If you are not yet a member of the Social Economy Alliance why not join? It's completely free and through being a member you will be adding your voice to the movement pushing for a more social economy.

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The Social Economy Charter

After five years of a fixed term Parliament, the General Election is nearly upon us and it looks set to be the most unpredictable, uncertain election we've had in recent history. Candidates are going to be clamouring for your vote and with public faith in politics at a low, they will be out on the ground meeting constituents and visiting organisations.

Regardless of the outcome, we want to make sure that as many prospective parliamentary candidates as possible have heard about the social economy and the change it is already bringing to communities across the country. We know the social economy holds solutions to many of the challenges the nation faces and want to get this message across to as many candidates as possible before 7 May.


This is where you come in

We've launched a Social Economy Charter asking candidates to pledge their support to the social economy in the next Parliament. We'd like our supporters to send The Charter to their local candidates and to do so we've set up a special site allowing you to do just that! Using our campaign tool all you need to do is enter your postcode and the details of your local candidates will appear. You can also choose not to send The Charter to any particular candidates you may not want to engage with.

Click here to send the Charter to your local parliamentary candidates

Click here to download a PDF of The Charter


It's a quick, easy campaign action but we know it will be effective.


The Social Economy Alliance has issued a response to the government's pension reforms which were announced in the Queen's Speech recently. The Alliance believe that savers should be given the chance to shape the world they will grow old in for the better.

 Find out how here 


Alliance Response to The Budget

The Alliance was listening out for any announcement that would help the social economy.

Read the Alliance response to The Budget 2015