Selling Social Enterprise

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For even the smallest social enterprises, technology enables scaling up to increase visibility and accessibility.  There a number of selling platforms for social enterprises. All of them  aim to make buying from social much easier.


Buy Social Campaign

Social Enterprise UK has established a social enterprise directory.  To check whether you social enterprise is included in this National Procurement directory click here


Social Saturday Campaign

Social Saturday is an annual campaign which inspires consumers to buy from social enterprises, businesses that put people and planet first.  Read more here


Buy Social Christmas guides.

Each year SEUK produces a gift guide that contains a variety of beautiful social enterprise products, including handmade chocolates, footballs, wallets, jewellery, luxury notebooks, gifts for the home and of course, the gift no Christmas would be complete without - socks!

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Big Issue on line shop -shopping with a social ethos 


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SEEE member AERENDE sells timeless craft homewares, handmade in the UK by people facing social challenges.


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Shop for Change


Just Buy


Find a co-op


SEEE directory of members

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