Working with NLP techniques

Where: Chelmsford, Chelmsford CM1 (UK).
Date: 12 November 2015
Time: 10:00 -  16:30
 Orgaised by VST
Event description:

NLP strategies will help you work smarter, become more confident in your communications and get the results you want more easily


An ever-increasing number of people and organisations are using NLP tools and building them into their everyday working practices to achieve better results. You will find out how you can use these practical NLP tools to resolve issues, communicate more effectively, set and achieve goals and build stronger relationships. 

We'll cover:

• The core principles of NLP

• Developing a deeper understanding of what influences other people's thoughts and behaviours.

• How to set and achieve positive outcomes for yourself and others.

• Reading and using body language to build rapport and develop better relationships.

• Enhancing your listening and questioning skills to help you communicate more effectively with others.

• How different viewpoints can help you make different decisions and resolve issues. 

• Managing yourself and developing your own personal resources.


Benefits to you

You will take away practical tools and techniques you can put into practice straight away to be more confident in your ability to influence, support and develop yourself and others.