Working in Partnership

Event description:


For those organisations whose only option to secure funding is to work in partnership with others, there are a number of pitfalls of which to be aware. Organisations must take steps to protect themselves and this course explains in detail what must be done. The second part of the course covers how to use the partnership to win contracts and/or secure funding. The course is interactive with exercises for delegates to undertake and a set of handouts to support their learning. Aimed at CEOs, Trustees or anyone involved in commissioning, procurement or fundraising.


We'll cover:

  • Different types of partnerships
  • Typical problems
  • How to begin negotiating with prospective partners
  • Partnership agreements
  • Why partnerships fail
  • Tools for resolving problems
  • Evaluating partnerships
  • Using partnerships to secure funding
  • Using partnerships to secure contracts


Benefits to you

Those attending this course will have a clearer understanding of how partnerships should operate and of the documents that should be in place to protect an organisation's interests. By learning the facts about partnership working, delegates will be able to make the right choice about HOW to work with other organisations and what they should consider before coming to a decision.


Delegates will also understand the added value partnerships can bring to funders and commissioners, increasing the chances of success when it comes to winning contracts and grants and improving the chances of long term sustainable futures for the organisations involved


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