The Essex Crowd - Crowdfunding Workshop at Art of the Possible

The Essex Crowd - Crowdfunding Workshop at Art of the Possible


17 October- Basildon 


Organised by Space Hive


 From temporary water slides to a community allotment, Essex has a new way to support local projects. The Essex Crowd is a new crowdfunding initiative where you can share your community ideas and offer neighbours, local businesses and other interested parties the opportunity to pledge their support to make your idea a reality.


We want to support as many ideas as possible and can pledge up to £5,000 to back schemes that create connections and bring people together. If you're interested in creating a project as part of the Essex Crowd then come along to find out all you need to know to start your crowdfunding campaign.


Join us for this interactive workshop as part of the Art of the Possible Festival and you will:


  • Learn how to define your project idea
  • Get tips for presenting your project page clearly
  • Start creating your campaign plan
  • Discover how to identify potential backers
  • Get advice on marketing and communicating your project
  • Receive a free guide to running a successful campaign


Whether your project is big or small, this is your chance to make a real difference in your local area. Learn more about The Essex Crowd here.