Supporting Social Entrepreneurs Symposium

Support Social Enterpreneurs Symposium 

24th July 2017

The symposium is hosted by Cambridge Social Ventures which is part of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation and will introduce new approaches to supporting ambitious social entrepreneurs and developing the 'extrapreneur' community.


Join us in Cambridge to think about some of the issues we face in supporting social entrepreneurs:


  • How can we better support social entrepreneurs to get started and grow?
  • How can we develop the ecosystem that supports social entrepreneurs?
  • How can we organise and innovate as 'extrapreneurs' who support social entrepreneurs?

The symposium will offer the opportunity to meet others who work in the 'extrapreneurial' space, developing support mechanisms for the ecosystems and platforms that shape social change.


This professional learning and networking event will bring together people from across the social enterprise ecosystem:


  • business incubators and business support professionals wanting to work with social ventures
  • people in the public sector looking to support social entrepreneurs in the community
  • universities and educational institutions responding to student-led demand for further teaching in these areas.

At Cambridge Social Ventures, we've supported more than 500 social entrepreneurs to get started and grow. Come and hear what we've learned over the past three years, and how you can apply that to your own business support.

We also hope to learn from you about what social entrepreneurs need and how the University of Cambridge can support the growth of the social sector. This sector is growing and we hope tofoster new relationships amongst a community of like-minded professionals.


Social entrepreneurs and students are also welcome to attend.


Fee £100


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