Social Impact Measurement

Where: Colchester, Colchester (UK).
Date: 19 February 2015
Time: 09:30 -  12:30
Event description:Social Impact Measurement


 Organised and lead by Voluntary Sector Training


Who is it for?
This workshop is designed for anyone working or volunteering with a charity or social enterprise as well as those thinking of starting an organisation with a social purpose.

What is it about?
Increasingly, social enterprises, charities and voluntary & community groups are being asked to measure and demonstrate their social impact. This can be vitally important in attracting funding, winning contracts and reporting success to stakeholders.

What will I learn?
The workshop aims to create a better understanding of:

1.    What 'social impact' means.
2.    The importance of measuring and demonstrating social impact.
3.    The different tools and methods that are available.
4.    Techniques for measuring your own organisation's social impact.
5.    How to demonstrate your organisation's social impact - reporting.

Measuring social impact does not need to be complicated or expensive and can assist organisations to improve the quality of the service they offer. By the end of the workshop delegates will have the knowledge necessary to begin to measure and report their social impact.

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