Social Impact bonds: From Myths to Reality


Social Impact bonds: From Myths to Reality


25th January 2018 





There has been a lot of hype around social impact bonds (SIBs) over the past few years. Whilst some evidence about their impact is starting to emerge, many myths have grown around them. Are they too challenging to develop? Why should public authorities invest time and resources into this new approach? What role do social investors play in a SIB project?


However, the East of England region has been a SIB pioneer with the HMP Peterborough SIB and the Essex County Council MST SIB, and now Norfolk and Suffolk county councils also have projects in development.


About the event

This event, organised by the Government Outcomes Lab at the University of Oxford, in partnership with the East of England LGA, Norfolk County Council and Suffolk County Council, seeks to separate myth from reality. The event will explain how commissioners in county councils, unitary authorities, clinical commissioning groups and police and crime commissioners in the East of England might benefit from this approach to commissioning and service delivery, and mitigate some of the risks.  Attendees will have the opportunity to:

 ▪ Enhance their understanding of SIBs and their practical implementation

▪ Learn more about when a SIB approach might be helpful and when it might not, how to approach the development of a SIB and the pitfalls to avoid

 ▪ Reflect on the opportunities and barriers to using SIBs to tackle complex social issues

 ▪ Ask questions and share their own experiences of developing SIBs The event is aimed at senior management in public authorities in the region and chief executives of selected large VCSE providers.


This event is by invitation only.


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