Social Enterprise Conference

Social Enterprise Conference 

12th October 2015


The inaugural 2015 Social Enterprise Conference invites you to join existing and prospective social enterprises in the UK. The conference is an all-emcompassing program of interactive speaker sessions, panel discussions, workshops and networkings opportunities to equip you with the knowledge, insights and valuable contacts on how to kick start and grow your social enterprise.


Key Highlights:


  • Hear  from Robert Ashton,   the barefoot social entrepreneur, campaigner and best selling business author on what it takes to be a  successful Social Entrepreneur in the 21st Century.
  • Co-operatives UK,Venturesome, Buzzbnk, Big Issue Invest, UnLtd, Triodos Bank and Clearlyso, share the stage to show how you can unlock social finances for your start up and growth.
  • Robert Forster, co-founder of Red Ochre unveils what legal and governance frameworks are used by social enterprises.
  • Join the round table discussions with the founders of Swarm Apprentice, Provide UK, Himalayan People Ltd and The DoNation on how to overcome barriers to empower individuals and communities in delivering social impact and mission.
  • BidrightUK shows you how to write a successful  bid and funding application.
  • Learn from People's Republic how to work through a successful Crowdfunding Campaign.
  • NEF Consulting will demonstrate how social measurement and reporting can help develop your impact and business.
  • Divine Chocolate Ltd shares the secrets to their chocolate mission.
  • Paula Woodman, advisor to the British Council share's the outlook and driving forces for Social Enterprise Globally


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