So You Wanna Be A Social Entrepreneur - Colchester

So You Wanna Be A Social Entrepreneur - Colchester


7th November 2018


Schedule for this free half day event


Organised by SEEE in collaboration with Essex Social Enterprise Network and delivered by Cambridge Social Ventures 


  • Are you volunteering to solve a social or environmental problem in your community and think there's the potential to grow what you're doing to benefit more people?
  •  Have you ever wanted to set up an organisation to tackle the difficult problems that we face as a community, society and world, but not known where to begin?
  • Have you heard the term "social venture" or "social enterprise" and don't really understand what it means?


Then the friendly, free, half-day workshop So You Want To Be A Social Entrepreneur? is for you! It's for anyone with an interest in the thriving field of social entrepreneurship and looking to make a positive social or environmental impact on the world. 


  • Community activists and volunteers: it's an opportunity to see if your project can scale and become sustainable.
  • Those considering a social venture, but don't know where to start: you'll be given the basic tools to develop a business model.
  • Those in the public sector interested in social entrepreneurship: it's a chance to think about how a social venture might compliment the services you deliver.
  • Mission-led startups who could become social ventures: learn how social ventures are organised and funded.


About the workshop


The workshop is an inspiring introduction to social ventures. It's a valuable opportunity to learn more about the field and how to take your idea to the next level. In an inclusive, supportive and friendly atmosphere, you'll have the opportunity to meet like minded people and learn from the experience of Cambridge Social Ventures, part of Cambridge Judge Business School.


This specialised training is a free, half-day event organised in partnership with Essex Social Enterprise Network and SEEE (part funded by Barrow Cadbury). Unlike other entrepreneurial training, ours is from a social perspective, with a strong focus on social impact within the context of creating and scaling a sustainable business.


What's in the workshop?


It starts at 12.00 with lunch and networking opportunity and finishes at 5.00pm.


We will cover:


  • social business models
  • developing your value proposition
  • social impact assessment
  • basics of finance and company legal structures


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