Risk assessment for community events

Organised by VST Essex

13th July 2015 Risk Assessment for Community Events


Event description:

A half day practical session aimed at helping you make sure your Community Events are as risk free as possible!



This workshop will take participants through the process of planning a community event or activity and considering risks that may be involved, how they might affect the event / organisation and how to mitigate or avoid them.


We'll cover

• What is / why conduct a risk assessment ? 

• Potential dangers in events and typical consequences of risks  

• What should a risk assessment cover ? 

• Who should conduct the risk assessment ?

• Controlling risks - how can we do this ? 

• 5 key points and 5 key mistakes when conducting risk assessment


Benefits to you

You will feel much more confident as you will have planned an practice event and carried out a risk assessment giving you an understanding of the basic concepts, knowledge of how to mitigate risk and the roles and responsibilities of those concerned with the event.


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