NPC Ignites

NPC's 5th annual conference

14th October 2015


Challenge your thinking. Explore cutting edge approaches. Connect with your peers. Discover where impactdata and charity funding are heading in the years ahead.



Charities and social enterprises have faced enormous change in recent years-from the data revolution to government cuts, political and regulatory shifts to new digital technology and growing social needs. NPC Ignites will help you keep pace with change and anticipate new trends and innovations to ensure your organisation is always maximising its social impact.

We've lined up the innovative thinkers in our sector (and beyond). NPC Ignites will provide the insights and hands-on experience you need to continue making the greatest difference possible. We'll help you question 'business as usual' thinking so that you can spark a new approach in your organisation.

Who is the conference for?

NPC Ignites is for senior leaders in charities and social enterprises of all shapes and sizes. It's for programme managers looking to understand how other organisations are improving their services. It's for CEOs and trustees looking for leadership insights and the latest thinking from the voluntary and other sectors. It's for senior fundraising and communications staff looking to learn from others. It's for funders and policy makers who want to know what is really happening. It's for you if you're looking for inspiring new ideas.

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