Next Steps in Demonstrating Impact - Evidencing the difference you make



21 February 2017 in Chelmsford organised by VST

Event description:


Impress your potential funders by showing them the impact of your work. Continue the journey by learning about evidencing the difference you make


This course is intended as a follow up to 'Measuring your Impact - Monitoring & Evaluation' which looked at the start of the journey to successful Impact reporting concentrating on good monitoring and evaluation practices. This course will now look at how you can evidence the difference your organisation is making.


Who should attend?

Participants with good basic Monitoring and Evaluation knowledge and experience.  Anyone with a remit for collating funding data, project managers, trustees or governors, anyone wanting to build on their knowledge of the topic as evidence for end of year reports or funding applications etc.  

We'll cover:

  • Monitoring & Evaluation policy and framework
  • Differences between Outcomes and Impact
  • Recording the data
  • Using M&E data to demonstrate wider impact
  • Analysing your information, making judgements
  • Evaluation reports: Internal vs External.
  • Show and Tell: Make it personal (video testimony)
  • Backing up your Impact results - Added credibility through similar or related studies and research & testimony from local partners (for external grants)
  • Presenting the message
  • Case Studies


Benefits to you

By attending this session you will increase your confidence in demonstrating the impact of your charity or organisation using data and information you probably already collect and demonstrating cost savings and improved life chances

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