Measuring Your Success with Social Media

It's more than just likes!


You're spending valuable time running your social media profiles, but how do you know it's worth it? This practical workshop will explain how charities can measure and evaluate their social media campaigns. With an emphasis on Facebook and Twitter, the session will explore how their free reporting tools can help you maximize the impact you make online.


We'll cover:

  • Twitter Analytics - where are they and what do they mean?
  • Understanding your content performance
  • Measuring online success and audience growth
  • Facebook 'insights' and what they can tell you
  • Useful resources and other tools for measuring performance

Benefits to you

After attending this course you will know how to interpret social media reports and data so that you can achieve optimum results.


Delegates on this course will typically have some experience using facebook and twitter. They must  already have twitter and facebook profiles set up for their organisations to benefit fully. Delegates may like to bring a WiFi enabled laptop/tablet/ipad in order to carry out exercises.

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