How to Measure Outcomes

Are you proving your impact?


At NPC's   How To Measure Outcomes: Practical Tips And Tools conference in partnership with Third Sector, we will equip you with step-by-step guidance on how to measure, evaluate and report your outcomes. Done well, monitoring and evaluation can provide useful insights into what is working and what is not, it can inform management decisions about how to divide up valuable resources, please funders, and influence other stakeholders and policy.


Join us on 4 June 2014 from 9.00am-5.15pm at ILEC Conference Centre, London, and book your place at our early bird rate.

Our keynote speakers include:


  • Danny Kruger,Only Connect(opening keynote)-the benefits of measuring your outcomes-
  • Harriet Laurie,TheHorseCourse(closing keynote)-pulling it all together: how to focus on your impact

Delegates will hear presentations on the following topics:


  • Building a measurement framework: understanding Theory of Change-Dawn Plimmer,NPCand Hannah Mitchell,vInspired
  • Measuring soft outcomes-Elizabeth Young,Homestart
  • Standardised vs. tailored tools-Eibhlin Ni Ogain,NESTAand Duncan Jones,Upshot
  • Making use of Open Data-Tracey Gyateng,NPC
  • Collect, Evaluate And Present The Evidence: Having an Integrated Approach-Shehnaaz Latif,Charities Evaluation Services
  • Reporting your outcomes-David Derbyshire,Action for Children
  • Using outcomes measurement to improve your internal services-Louise Stimpson,Marie Curie Cancer Care
  • What funders are looking for: a Funder's panel-David Freeman,Croydon Council; David Werner,London Funders; Kate van der Plank,National Grid; and Peter Bailey,Big Lottery Fund


Our case studies:

  • Voices for development: changing public perceptions of international development-Keith Short,Restless Development
  • Personalising outcomes in an accountable social care framework-Colin Young,Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland
  • Breaking into Prison: accessing criminal justice data-Adam Moll,Safe Ground
  • Evidencing the impact of the Realising Ambition programme-Tim Hobbs,Social Research Unit at Dartington
  • Small vs. large charities-Louise Simpson,Army Families Federationand Rachel Parkin,Teach First


We thank the sponsors of the conference: Social Solutions Global, Coactiva part of Callcredit, Upshot and Charities Evaluation Services


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