How to complete a grant application

28th November - How to complete a grant application

Practical exercise in completing a live bid document

Part of a series of wokrshops run by Lola Stafford Consulting:

We are offering a series of community workshops free of charge to residents and local groups who are interested in starting up a Social or Community Enterprise which will have positive impact in the Broadland area and would like practical support in a relaxed and interactive environment. You may feel ready to get started or just thinking about
what you would like to achieve - it is also appropriate for groups who are already constituted but need to find ways to become financially sustainable.

We'll start with a taster session, so you can get a general overview followed by targeted workshops and finish the programme with a "surgery session" in the new year to support your progress. You can choose to book the series or individual workshops according to what you feel you need.

Exploring Entrepreneurship taster session Wednesday 24th October 2018 10am - 12pm
What are Social and Community Enterprises and what is an entrepreneur?
What are the legal structures and basic legal requirements involved?

Workshops to follow:
31st October - Business Planning
Deciding on your legal structure and what your business plan should include

7th November - Business registration and recruiting Directors
Forms, submissions and obligations

14th November - Financial planning
How to produce financial forecasts and ensure your business is viable

21st November - Bid writing and funding
Identifying funding streams, intelligent bid writing and how to avoid common mistakes

28th November - How to complete a grant application
Practical exercise in completing a live bid document

5th December - Marketing
Sales, marketing and branding - identifying the difference and making it work for you

12th December - Feeling the fear
Looking at what your emotional and mental blockers to success are and how to overcome them

All workshops will be 9.30am - 1pm Venue: Carrowbreck House, Drayton High Road NORWICH NR6 5BJ

07806 392254