How Can Your Charity Make Money with Its Website?

Increase your charity's income by making the most of your website



UK Fundraising's Howard Lake guides you through the dozens of ways that smaller charities and voluntary organisations can generate donations and income from their website and online activity.

From sponsorship, through selling your services, to carrying adverts and using third-party fundraising tools, you can expect a practical range of ideas. Not all of them will be relevant to your organisation at this time, of course. This is why each option is presented with its pros and cons to help you focus on a few relevant activities.

We will cover:

  • cutting the cost of your digital activity - software, free expertise
  • get your website working as effectively as possible - speed, measurement, boosting numbers
  • first steps - accepting donations, sponsorship, advertising, paid-for content on your website and email
  • selling - your products and services, and other people's
  • third party fundraising tools
  • conclusion - which choices are appropriate to your organisation?

Benefits to you

You'll come away brimming with ideas after this session with one of the charity sector's foremost experts on fundraising!


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