Finance for Dummies – Getting to the Bottom of Balance Sheets

Teas & Coffees will be provided.

Which of these comments best represents you?

  1. I can't even think about attending any course dealing with finance - the jargon will be way over the top of my head.
  2. Numbers are just mumbo jumbo stuff to me - I would probably need 'A' level Maths just to get started.
  3. I'm scared I'll look a fool in a group if I cannot answer even a simple question on this topic.
  4. I feel it's important to understand more about all the documents my Accountant prepares, but I'm not exactly sure why.
  5. I'm too busy to get to grips with the subject - but know it's an important skill to understand if I want to achieve a better 'bottom line'.

The good news is you're not alone and, like many others, you could benefit greatly from a short course that's designed to cover one of the key basics - and not make you look like a fool.

It's the learning process that's the key to building skills in this important area - splitting concepts and issues down into 'digestible chunks' and only moving forward when everyone has the message, is the trick to be mastered.

Nail the Basics - Getting to the Bottom of Balance Sheets   (Assets, Liabilities, Capital - how it works - includes issues like goodwill/depreciation/ etc.).

This session will enable you to start to build confidence when talking to your Accountant; or deciding what needs to be done to follow through on business ideas; or actions to take to save on costs and boost sales.

The only prior skill needed to attend the course is to be able to add and subtract using a calculator.


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