Equality & Diversity in Action

Equality and Diversity training


Organised by VST 


13 October 2015 in Harlow



Working with priority groups & building in equality of opportunity. This half-day session strips away the mystery surrounding equality and diversity, giving you practical advice on making it central to everything you do



Put simply, equal opportunities is about making sure your services are open and accessible to everyone - whatever their background. This introductory session covers the legal and ethical aspects of equality while providing practical steps to ensure your organisation treats people equally and with respect. Suitable for service-providing charities and community groups that want to reach all parts of the community


We'll cover:

  • the basics of equalities legislation
  • an introduction to a useful range of tools that will help you apply equality and diversity principles to your work
  • the importance of social and cultural identity when working with disadvantaged groups
  • how your own values and beliefs can influence the way you treat people