Doing Good and Good Doing

ESI wellbeing seminar at Norwich Business School


Doing Good and Good Doing.  What does it take for organisations to create value?

Dr Helen Fitzhugh (University of East Anglia)


Registration and refreshments from 5.30pm, talk begins at 6pm
Room 2.04 Thomas Paine Study Centre, University of East Anglia

Helen Fitzhugh has spent over ten years thinking about why some organisations seem to be more successful at creating positive social change than others. As an evaluator, trainer and academic she has seen inside a wide range of businesses, charities, public sector organisations and social enterprises - i.e. businesses that trade for a social purpose. She has watched academics and practitioners almost come to blows over the meaning of 'social value' and 'social return on investment' and occasionally joined the melee herself. She has spent a lot of time listening to different sides of the story in organisations - comparing the views of CEOs to frontline workers, to the people they say they are helping. All this work has resulted in many reports and presentations for clients, a book co-authored with Nicky Stevenson ('Inside social enterprise: looking to the future), a PhD thesis on organisational values and, most recently, some practical guidance for businesses on how to improve employee wellbeing.

Now she wants to share some practical thoughts on 'doing good' and 'good doing' in organisations with you. These will apply to your organisation, whether you are from a business trying to implement an employee wellbeing programme, a social enterprise trying to do the best for your beneficiaries, or a public sector organisation struggling under the pressure of austerity. Helen has been known to turn up to talks armed with stuffed toys, spaghetti and stories about penguins before, so there is no chance of 'death by PowerPoint'. She hopes you'll join her.


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