Delivering Outstanding Customer Care

How to exceed your customers' needs and more! 


Whenever we speak to someone by phone or face to face we send a strong message about the organisation we represent and how it views its customers. Outstanding customer care starts with having a positive attitude towards every caller and visitor; from that starting point, the right skills and techniques will ensure they receive a level of service that meets or exceeds their needs - and your organisation builds a powerful and positive reputation.

Aimed at anyone who deals with members of the public, clients, service users or others - by phone or in person - as part of their role, and who is looking to make those interactions the best they can be. 


We'll cover:

  • Identifying who your customers are - all of them - and how your beliefs about them affect your everyday interactions
  • The way we communicate with others and how to manage the image we project
  • Reviewing the stages of your customer's journey, with a view to identifying ways of making it even better
  • Exploring ways to conduct customer conversations so that you effectively manage their expectations about what you can and cannot deliver for them, including ways of saying 'no'


Benefits to you

By the end of the day you will have completed an Action Grid, giving you a truly practical plan of action to start putting into use immediately. In addition, when you have real skill in dealing with people one of the biggest benefits comes to you personally: it will make your job easier


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