Data Protection: The Fundraiser's Friend or Foe?

Event description:

Data Protection can be a complex and bewildering subject, but it is one that can have an enormous impact on both individuals and organisations


Legislation and regulations need not be a hindrance to your fundraising, but you do have to get it right. Whether it's printed leaflets, mailing appeals, online fundraising, email, telephone, events or catalogues you don't want to be the subject of complaints. Even worse, you don't want to put people off without realising it. This one-hour webinar looks at the provisions in the Data Protection Act and the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations. It takes account of the new Fundraising Regulator and the new EU Regulation on Data Protection, and sets out a commonsense approach to providing people with the right information and options.

We'll cover:

  • What are the effects of the recent and expected changes to fundraising regulation?
  • Opt out? Opt in?
  • How can you avoid the kind of mistakes that generate complaints?
  • How much information do you have to give people about how you intend to contact them?
  • What happens if someone says 'take me off your database'?
  • Are you allowed to build a profile on potential major donors?
  • And how can you do all this without cutting into your income
  • This one-hour webinar looks at all these questions and more


Benefits to you

You will be able to benefit from being trained by one of the sector's leading experts in this area without leaving your desk!


The trainer:

Paul Ticher is one of the country's leading experts in Data Protection in the voluntary sector, with experience going back to the mid-1980s when he designed and delivered training courses on the 1984 Data Protection Act, wrote extensively on the topic, and developed Data Protection strategies.   He is a well-known independent consultant specialising in Data Protection, information management and IT strategy and a widely-respected trainer, researcher and author.


A note about webinars

This training will be run online at the advertised time using the product GoToWebinar which is free for you to use.  The webinar takes place over the internet and allows you to:

  • see what is on the trainer's screen;
  • hear what he is saying;
  • participate in a variety of ways, including by voice, by typing messages and by completing polls and surveys during and after the webinar.


The process of participating in a webinar is quite straightforward,and instructions will be sent after registration.

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