Crowdfunding for Social Causes Workshop

Workshop on Crowdfunding!


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Donation-based crowdfunding is a new way of raising funds and allows you to source money for a project by asking a large number of contributors to donate a small amount, and asking a small number of contributors to donate a large amount. In return, backers may receive token rewards that increase in prestige as the size of the donation increases.


The Workshop


This workshop is hosted by, one of the leading (free!) global crowdfunding platforms for social causes. During this Workshop,'a CEO Prashan Paramanathan will show you how to:


  • Find your crowd (figure out who is going to support your project and why)
  • Tell a specific, inspiring story that your supporters care about
  • Set an achievable target and blow it out of the park
  • Create a marketing and promotion plan for your campaign

As this is a hands-on workshop, places are limited to max. 15 participants.


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