Alternative Commission on Social Investment

Alternative Commision on Social Investment


A roundtable on Social Investment on 18th December at 10-12 at Room 1, Castle Hill Community Centre, Ipswich.  


The discussion is to feed in to the Alternative Commission on Social Investment: and is aimed at bringing together social enterprises, charities, social investors and others who have an interest and some experience in social investment to share views on the current market and how it can be improved. It's one of a series of roundtables around the country that we hope will bring a broader perspective than purely London focused studies and we'll be exploring the 5 key questions


  1. What do social sector organisations want?
  2. Can social investment, as currently conceived, meet that need?
  3. What's social about social investment?
  4. Who are social investors and what do they want?
  5. What can we do to make social investment better?



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