‘Developing your Resilience’ training


'Developing your Resilience' training


24th March 2017

Aim: To provide professionals and parents with resilience and wellbeing skills using appreciative coaching questions and positive psychology interventions such as gratitude and strengths activities.  Appreciative coaching focuses on what has and is working in your professional and personal lives and is designed to capitalise on an individual's strengths to generate future positive changes.


Useful for: leaders of organisations, teachers, middle leaders, support staff, pastoral staff, charity workers, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, employees of organisations, parents and members of the public who are looking for new skills for their toolbox to deal with change/challenging life situations..


Working time: 9.30 - 3.30 pm


Date: 24th March 2017


Venue: Stanway Federation Learning Centre


Principal Activities:

  1. Strengths/values card activities
  2. Appreciative coaching questions to build resilience
  3. Gratitude Exercises
  4. Acceptance Commitment Therapy
  5. Loving kindness meditation


Principal Outcomes:

  1. Increased positive emotion
  2. Increased resilience levels/skills
  3. Increased motivation
  4. Increased kindness
  5. Calmer behaviour
  6. Identification and recognition of strengths
  7. Identification and recognition of purpose and meaning to lives
  8. Improved relationships


Confidentiality: Find Your Spark will not disclose any information to a third party without prior appraisal from attendees.


Cost: £90 pp to be paid in advance of course date.


Payment details: If you would like to book your place you can do so now paying by BACS


Account number: 76165507 Sort code: 60-09-23 (Reference - your name)


Email michelle@findyourspark.co.uk to let me know payment has been made so that I can confirm booking.