Essex Social Investment Readiness Programme

An invitation to join the Essex Social Investment Readiness Programme for charities and social enterprises


On 19th May 2017 at the Bridge to Social Investment event SEEE launched the Essex Social Investment Readiness Programme.  This programme seeks to raise awareness of social investment opportunities in Essex and increase readiness of organisations to access these opportunities.  This programme is supported by Essex Partnership and will start in September 2017. 


To join this programme read on…..



This programme is open to 20 organisations that fulfil the following application criteria:


  • Is a social enterprise, charity, or a public service with plans to 'spin out'
  • Operates mainly in Essex (including Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock)
  • Is at least two years old with accounts for this period
  • Has an annual turnover of at least £100,000
  • Generates at least 25% of income from trading
  • Seeks to capture impact, is planning to grow, and is collaborative in its approach
  • Can secure approval from its governing body (board) to explore social investment as an option


The programme aims for participants to:


  • Increase their knowledge of and access to investment providers
  • Improve their capacity to take up opportunities
  • Develop skills and confidence
  • Develop services which meet local needs and generate income


About the programme

The programme will run from September 2017 to March 2018. It will be led by a core tutor with support from various external speakers to deliver a range of monthly workshops at Anglia Ruskin University's Chelmsford campus and a virtual learning platform will be used to support learning.


Whilst there will be an element of co-design to ensure that the programme best meets the needs of participants, it is expected that workshops will explore the following themes around social investment:


  • Introduction to Social Investment
  • Products, examples of investments, eligibility, diagnostics
  • Business planning, impact measurement, market intelligence
  • Costing and pricing, financial modelling,
  • Risk, Governance, Culture/Skills
  • Proposals, action plans and applications


The application form is available to download here and the deadline for applications is Friday 28th July 2017.


Successful applicants will be notified early August 2017.


Any questions on the submission process or the content of the programme should be emailed to Elaine McCorriston at