Vision & Values


SEEE is run by and for its membership to promote the social enterprise sector, both as a valuable part of the economy, and as a force for social impact.

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SEEE is about cooperation and collaboration


Partnership is at the heart of everything we do.  WE have a long and successful track record of delivering great project in partnership with our members and other organisations. We know out strengths and we believe working with other to create the best services and support ofr social enterprises.

SEEE is about Influence

Strong links with national and local policy makers ensure we have a strategic influence on policy relating to social enterprise at all levels.


SEEE is about Information

Regularly asking our members what they need and what they think means that we have a strong information base to develop policy and programmes.


SEEE is about Knowledge

Social enterprises need access to information to grow. SEEE packages information in easy to access ways. Our online resources, factsheets, our e-newsletters are just some of the great ways to find out what is going on.

We also provide information, resources and guidance to public authorities and private sector companies to support their relationships with social enterprises.


SEEE is about Development

Social enterprises need a wide range of support, depending on the stage they are at - pre-start-up, start-up, new, established or mature. SEEE understands these stages, and offers help to make the right decisions at every stage in your enterprise's journey.


SEEE is about Connecting

Its not always what you know, it is also who you know! With an extensive and accurate contact database of local, national and international bodies, backed up by our personal knowledge, we connect social enterprises and others to the key people they need to make their plans happen.


SEEE is about Networking

Our members know that quality networking leads to quality partnership working. SEEE encourages and facilitates networking at local and industry sector level, through small gatherings, courses, events and, of course, our flagship annual conference.


SEEE is about Impact

 In business since 2005, SEEE has built a reputation for impact. Idependent evaluation shows that our activities have significantly influenced strategic bodies and their support for social enterprise.