Cambs social enterprise place

Cambridgeshire has a diverse range of social enterprises, ranging from well-established social enterprises, to start up social enterprise.  Cambridgeshire has a history of innovation and this is demonstrated in the range of markets and social issues these enterprises address.   A recent survey showed that social enterprises are working to address a range of social issues such as financial exclusion, homelessness, recycling, unemployment and disabilities.


The awarding of Social Enterprise Place status celebrates the thriving social enterprise sector in Cambridgeshire and supports its future growth and development.  SEEE estimate that there are at least 175 social enterprises in the county tackling issues such as homelessness, unemployment, disability and financial exclusion and a recent survey of these businesses showed that 55% reported growth over the last year.


A launch event was held in November 2017 to celebrate, click here to read more. 


Read up dates issued in March 2017 and May 2017


To secure Social Enterprise Place status a Action Plan has been established.  The action plan can found here


The key aims featured are:

  • Aim 1 - To ensure that anyone working in, or wanting to set up a social enterprise can access resources and support to help them
  • Aim 2 - To produce a directory of social enterprises and their products and services, and encourage social enterprises to work more closely together for mutual benefit
  • Aim 3 - To build a culture in Cambridgeshire of 'buying social' and social innovation encouraging consumers, businesses and the public sector to source products and services from social enterprise, and for social enterprise to be promoted as a business model that contributes significantly to the local economy


More information can be found here.