Why Social Enterprise companies should have a Website?

Why Social Enterprise companies should have a Website?


In 2014 most companies have a website because:


Most consumers will make the assumption that you have a web site and if you don't they could go elsewhere and a website acts as your "Shop window" for your products or service.

We at Change Management Brokers find that It is also a good company brochure that can provide users with value added tips on a variety of subjects through our blog pages. It also provides us with an online shop where orders can be placed for our or service offering and display display case studies of our work which increase credibility. We also Add links to other sites for example LinkedIn where you can gain contacts and increase the potential for new business and gives more information to your customers and potential customers. Its always good to get feedback on how you are perceived by your customers so carrying out online surveys on customer views and preferences is a bonus. Having a website allows your customers and potential customers the convenience of looking at your products or service from the comfort of home rather than getting into a car and driving to your shop or premises. Finally having a good website can attract potential investors in your business


What are the benefits of a website



  • Increase sales via online shopping
  • Improve market awareness of your existence
  • Generate enquiries for your product or services
  • Track numbers of site visitors and from where
  • Broadcast what your company does in the local community
  • Creates a best image for your company
  • Your shop window is open 24 hour a day
  • Create an export market
  • Attract potential investors
  • Increase profit


How to set up a website


We used a company called Vistaprint to help us put together our site where you can do it yourself and they guide you through the various stages which was in our view cost efficient however there are many companies that will put a website together for you for less that a thousand pounds.


Jeff Demicol

Change Management Brokers





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