What can Big Issue Invest offer you?

Are you a Social Enterprise or Charity looking for finance from £50,000 to £1,000,000?

 Big Issue Invest (TSELF) is the social investment arm of The Big Issue, it was set up to finance the scale up of sustainable social enterprises and businesses. Finding innovative business approaches in the East of England and providing effective solutions to social challenges are crucial in helping tackle poverty and inequality.  We understand this through 22 years experience with The Big Issue magazine;created as a business solution to a social problem.


Since 2005 Big Issue Invest has invested £20m in more than 160 social enterprises, directly benefitting over 1.7m people, sustainably employing 3,200 and training 14,000. Over 50% of our loans benefit social enterprises in the 25% most deprived parts of the UK.


We have invested and worked with several social enterprises and charities in the East of
England area such as Phases, SCA Trafalgar and The Warehouse Centre.


Big Issue Invest is led by social entrepreneurs with first-hand experience of running and
growing enterprises in both good and challenging times. As part of The Big Issue we are a social enterprise with 100% of any surplus reinvested back in the social enterprise sector and The Big Issue Group.


Big Issue Invest is looking for social enterprises that have a track record and a plan to
increase trading income and of course deliver high social impact. Big Issue Invest can provide a range of investment, from unsecured loans to equity investment from £50,000 to £1,000,000 - whatever is best suited for you. Finance may be unsecured and repayments may be linked to future income.


Always ask a financier "what more than the money can you do for me?"
Remember they need you.


  • We  can tell your story to 465,000 Big Issue readers in the UK in a week.

  • We  can introduce you to a network of social enterprises we know.

  • As a social enterprise ourselves having been through the good and bad times we
    understand what you might need on your journey.

  • We can help find people with the experience you are looking for to help as
    advisors, trustees or board members etc.

We are staffed by highly experienced and committed socially-driven financiers.  Our team will provide support during the application process and can continue to work with enterprises after any investement is made.



For futher information get in touch with us at enquiries@bigissueinvest.com or

0207 526 3431