Top LinkedIn tips and tricks for social enterprises from Laura Brown, Social Media Manager at KISS Public Relations

With over 187 million members worldwide, 2.6 million company pages, and around a

million groups representing over 200 countries around the world, LinkedIn is the fastest

growing professional networking site. Laura Brown, Social Media Manager at KISS

Communications believes the site offers some very exciting opportunities for social

enterprises and offers some tips to ensure you're exploiting your LinkedIn page to the full.


LinkedIn is perfect for social enterprises, it provides a powerful way to interact with

LinkedIn members to increase awareness of causes, generate leads, and build

relationships and a network to find corporate sponsorship.


Although brand pages have been available for some time a variety of beneficial changes

were made towards the end of last year, I have put together some essentials tips

together to ensure you don't miss a trick!

Personalise your organisations page with a banner image to bring it to life. Similar to a

Facebook cover photo, the image should be 646 x 220 pixels.


Review your "About" section. The "About" section can now be located at the bottom of the

LinkedIn profile however it is still worthwhile reviewing your content to make sure it's up to

date. Ensure you use keywords within this section to help your visibility in LinkedIn



Career, products and services pages are now featured on the home tab.  A fantastic

opportunity to shout about what your organisations offers. Think outside the box, alongside

your core services include exclusive content such as fundraising events and sponsorship

opportunities. However, do ensure your first product is the primary product or service as

it's most visible.


Recommendations! One major incentive for listing your products and services is that

LinkedIn now features a prominent recommendation bar. Don't be afraid to ask for

recommendations, it's often the most effective way.


Posts you share to your organisations page are now the main feature on the Home tab.

As with any social media, posts should be valuable, relevant and interesting.

Within a post it's often valuable to ask a question to promote conversation, just be

prepared to answer! Within the new updates, LinkedIn havealso added targeting options,

this allows you to decide which groups you would like to receive the post, for example this

may be targeted by company size, industry, function, seniority etc.