The difference between urgent and important

The difference between urgent and important


Small businesses like a number of Social Enterprises have somewhat different needs than Corporate entities despite the business principles of running both being similar. In practical terms Social Enterprises, or small businesses in general, may not have the same level of all round expertise or the time available to see that all the i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed. Growing a business requires a multitude of actions to be prioritised and completed and Social Enterprises by their very nature can be stretched when it comes to some of the more important actions. The key to this is knowing the difference between urgent and important issues that need to be addressed and dealing with them accordingly.


Are you for example taking action to ensure the following are given enough attention and which are important to your success:


  • Cash collection
  • Networking
  • Developing a focussed team approach
  • Do you proactively ensure customers come first
  • Is all your procurement geared to profit opportunity
  • Are your sales high gross profit
  • Do you give attention to finding new high margin new products or services
  • Are your variable costs tightly monitored and controlled
  • Would your processes, policies and procedures comply with good governance
  • Do you have a strategic plan
  • Is your Time management an issue 
  • Do you breakdown short, medium and long term goals

We see many businesses, that find that they have problems associated with the issues above, well beyond the point where they should have been addressed. Because they were unable to distinguish between urgent and important their businesses became distressed and almost in terminal decline. This need not happen and business owners need to be open and transparent about what help , training or guidance they need to keep their businesses away from distress.


You may wish to conduct an audit of your Social Enterprise to establish if yours is a focussed business looking at urgent and important issues and prioritising them


Jeff Demicol

Operations Director

Change Management Brokers Limited


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