Social Value Act.....the review!

Sarah Sharlott, CEO, Realise Futures shares her views on the newly published report on Social Value Act which was conducted by Lord Young


The Social Value Act was introduced on 31 January 2013 and requires people who commission, or buy, public services to consider securing added economic, social or environmental benefits for their local area. 


In summary the message is no further roll out or additional powers to be added to the act


The review has concluded that there should be more taking stock and agree evaluation measures before anything further is done to embed the Act within the public purchasing and commissioning framework

The recommendations include:  

  • Cabinet Office to set up a 'Social Value Steering Group' with NHS England and Public Health England Sustainable Development Unit to ensure social value is more embedded in strategic health commissioning.
  • Strengthening the framework for measuring and evaluating social value.
  • A Measurement Working Group made up of commissioners, social enterprises, charities and relevant government officials and agencies will develop systems to assess the social benefits of the services contracted by commissioners.
  • The review recommends that Inspiring Impact, a 10-year collaborative programme managed by NPC, should lead the Working Group.


This means the driving force will be the charity and voluntary sector who are not necessarily going to adequately represent the views of the more business orientated social enterprise sector. SEUK are lobbying for inclusion on the group according to Nick Temple.


Altogether not surprising but interestingly Labour have not presented much in the way of analysis or opposition to this. John Cruddas who is writing their manifesto has found it difficult to get anything explicit about social enterprise included, though did say on the radio over the weekend that public sector outsourcing  should only be considered for those organisations who are purpose and not profit driven.

There would then most likely  be a rush to rebrand Virgin et al as Social Enterprise type organisations I am sure. (Should this be a copyright question?)


Anyway it will be interesting to see what happens with the working group.......


Disclaimer: SEEE does not necessarily share the views presented in this blog