Social enterprise re-launches product

Re-launch of Poppy's Snack Box at the Anglia Business Exhibition


Press release: Tuesday April 28th, 2015 - Suffolk social enterprise Realise Futures is launching a new look for its snack box business at the Anglia Business Exhibition at Trinity Park on May 6.  Exhibiting at the annual event this year, Realise Futures has re-designed its snack box for office and factory workers, and added some new snacking ideas. There's also more nutritional information on labels, including details about allergens such as nuts.


The snack boxes are the brainchild of staff at Poppy's Pantry shop in Widford Bridge Road in Melton, Woodbridge. The social enterprise sells wholefoods, organic and eco products as well as running Café 66 at Kesgrave Scouts Hall on a Tuesday where homemade cakes and food are served.


As Vicky Norris, from Poppy's Pantry, explains: "The idea behind Poppy's Snack Box was all about offering wholefoods and organic food and drink already on sale in Poppy's to a wider audience, but sold in smaller bag sizes packaged on site by Poppy's in Melton.


"We are part of Realise Futures, a social enterprise which helps people with disabilities and disadvantages find supported employment and therapeutic placements, as well as offering learning and development opportunities.


"The snack box business gives the Enterprise team members a chance to study for accredited training with the Open College Network where they learn about customer service and the retail environment.


"We started about two years ago and deliberately kept the operation small-scale to see how the snack box concept developed."


"But now we have a loyal customer base, who really enjoy what we have to offer, and we decided the time was right expand the business. We are going to be targeting companies in Woodbridge, Martlesham, Kesgrave and Ipswich town centre areas," she added.


The snack box's aim is to give workers an alternative to the usual snack foods found within vending machines in offices and factories, such as chocolate bars and fizzy drinks. All snacks are priced at a £1 or under, starting as low as 50p.


Added Vicky: "The original idea was to have all healthy items such as dried fruit bags and nuts, but people still wanted the option of things like yogurt and chocolate-coated raisins, flapjacks and Pipers crisps, so we do not pretend that we are only about offering super-healthy stuff.


"But people love the options of snacking on raisins and cashews, fruit and nut mix, and spicy noodles so these are the things we find go down well. We are going to introduce some new items, such as organic shortbread and posh chocolate. We also supply a range of lentil, hummus and quinoa chips for an alternative to the normal crisps in a variety of flavours."


Current customers include Livewell Suffolk, Vehicle Surgeon, in Hasketon, and newspaper group Archant.


Emma Bailey, senior account manager from Archant, said: "We have been using the snack boxes from Poppy's for over a year now and with lots of happy staff.


"Having limited food resources in our building, Poppy's has been wonderful at being able to provide staff with a great a selection of healthy and alternative snacks.

Staff are always helpful and polite."


Poppy's staff support the enterprise team members to replace the snack boxes on a four-weekly rota, with old boxes being taken away and a replenished new box put in its place.


If your company is interested in having a healthy snack box, please contact Vicky or Lisa on 01394 389599.





Photographs: Individual photographs ofJasmin Mann and Philip Keyswith the re-launched Poppy's Healthy Snack Box.


For further information, please contact:

Jane Sutton

Marketing and Communications Manager

Realise Futures

01473 238606