Social Enterprise Open Evening

Social Enterprise Open Evening in Hertfordshire

An Open Evening showcasing two new social enterprises being launched by CRI, was

attended by over 100 people on June 5th.


Among those attending were volunteers family and friends, representatives from

Hertfordshire County Council, JobCentre Plus, Work Programme providers, local colleges,

and CRI staff from across the county.

The enterprises funded for five years by Hertfordshire County Council will deliver a vision of

'sustainable recovery through enterprise", providing employment pathways that will enable

people to transform their lifestyles and meet their employment aspirations and provide high

quality products for sale to the public.

The event was held in Welwyn Garden City at the new 5000 sq ft premises of RECOVER, of

the emerging enterprises. RECOVER up-cycles unwanted or donated furniture, providing

valuable volunteering opportunities for local service users. Visitors were able to see

examples of RECOVER's emerging product line including soft furnishings and up cycled or

re cycled furniture, which are for sale.

Ian Block, the Business Lead for RECOVER said: "The high level of interest that the evening

created was inspiring. Visitors were impressed at the quality and uniqueness of the up-

cycled items along with the new found skills that the Volunteers are acquiring."

Visitors could also sample food from another of the new enterprises - All Seasoned. This

included quality burgers, using only locally sourced produce. All Seasoned has a catering

arm, runs a mobile catering unit at local farmers markets and events. The enterprise will

also be working in partnership with the Letchworth Arts Centre, to take over the running of

their café

Both enterprises are working in partnership with North Herts College, who will deliver

accredited employability and vocational training courses for service users who are

volunteering. RECOVER is also working with other specialist professionals, such as

upholsterers and paint finishers to provide valuable training and advice on potential


A third enterprise - Secret Space, a yoga and wellbeing centre in Hertford, will be opening

in August this year.

Phil Nichols, the Social Enterprise Development Manager in Hertfordshire said: "It was a

great opportunity to showcase the fantastic work the volunteers have been doing. We will

have more formal launches of each enterprise during the year to promote the high quality

products we are producing and raise awareness of how the enterprises are contributing to

help people in the county improve their prospects of finding and keeping employment."