#socent help health smiles in Luton

Community Dental Service and the Luton Children's Centres are working together to provide all the positive oral health messages to families at this festive time of year, when sugar is even more a temptation.


  1. Brushing our teeth twice a day with family toothpaste.

ü  It only takes two minutes twice a day.

ü  Most important time to brush is just before we go to bed, and nothing to eat or drink afterwards.

ü  The whole family can use the same fluoride toothpaste.

ü  Only a smear of paste for children under three.

ü  A pea size amount of paste for anyone over the age of three.

ü  Spit, DON'T rinse.


  1. Keeping sugary food/drinks to meal time only.

ü  Average smoothie has 6 teaspoons of sugar

ü  Average fizzy drink can has 8 teaspoons of sugar

ü  Averaged no added sugar squash has 4 teaspoons of sugar

ü  Averaged biscuit has 1 teaspoon of sugar

ü  Averaged yoghurt has 4 teaspoons of sugar

ü  Averaged chocolate bar has 4 teaspoons of sugar


  1. Visiting a dentist locally every 6-12 months.

ü  Visit a dentist at least once a year

ü  Children should be taken as soon as possible and maintain regular appointments (every 6 months)

ü  Fluoride varnish free preventative care

ü  There is NHS availability

ü  Helping with finding a dentist www.nhs.uk

ü  Help with finding a dentist NHS 111