Press Release - Local businesswoman speaks at LLP, Spin Outs in Development Network Event, London



Sarah Sharlott, CEO, Realise Futures CIC was invited to speak at a national conference in London this week, Spin-Outs in Development (LLP) network,  aimed at organisations who are looking to step out of the NHS and Local Authorities. 


Sarah said "Developing a commercial mind set is critical for organisations looking to step out of Local Authority control.  Sarah told the conference that wanting to be free of some of the more constraining elements of the public sector alone would not guarantee commercial success and that understanding the market, moving away from dependency on one contract and firstly confirming you have a viable product or service that will help to ensure you have business beyond the life of your first contract with your former employer,  are essential considerations for any aspiring public sector entrepreneur.  Securing the right type of support is very important too".


Sarah praised the support she and Realise Futures had received via their membership of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.  She emphasised the support of critical friends who would challenge assumptions.   "It is hard to envision life outside a Health or Local Authority setting, but once the key issues of securing commercially focussed financial support,  starting the change process with staff to think about a more commercial mind set and some help with business development is secured,  there are some quick wins which will help staff and the business sector to see you as a new company and as someone who is going to add value to the sector they work in,  not simply be a competitor.  Blending a public service ethos with sound business principles means that dedicated public sector staff can be the type of public servant they want to be whilst having the freedom and flexibility to innovate makes great business sense."


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