Online shoppers urged to unlock free donations in 2016

Online shoppers urged to unlock free donations in 2016


Shoppers are being urged to make a new year's resolution which they should have no problem keeping. For rather than being told to curtail their spending habits in 2016 they are simply being asked to help support good causes as they shop online. Charity cashback website TheGivingMachine is keen to enlist thousands more supporters to sign up to its website which generates donations to charities and good causes every time someone shops through it at any of its 2000+ participating retailers. And to make it an even simpler resolution to keep - donating doesn't cost the giver a single penny.


The Giving Machine, which was established in 2006, celebrated hitting the £1million mark in donations last October and is keen to build on this fantastic achievement throughout 2016. Shoppers simply sign up, nominate up to four causes which they wish to benefit - including national charities, local PTAs, scout groups etc. - and then every time they shop online each purchase generates a donation for their chosen group or groups.


CEO and founder of The Giving Machine Richard Morris said: "We were thrilled when we hit £1million last year. We know from our supporters that they think it's an excellent way to give to charity and so this year we really want to focus on spreading the word and getting even more donors on board. It really is the simplest way to give and it literally doesn't cost a penny."


The Giving Machine currently supports almost 210,000 different causes - a figure which grows daily as shoppers nominate their favourite organisations as beneficiaries. 


The charity has recently analysed the giving habits of its donors and broken down the country's top 10 giving counties. Top of the list is London, whose inhabitants are responsible for almost 9% of the charity's total donations with a whopping 154,863. In second place were the residents of nearby Hertfordshire who made 107,092 donations - just over 8% of The Giving Machine's total number of donations.


"We want to say a massive thank you to all those people who shop via The Giving Machine as they do genuinely make a huge difference to so many people from so many different walks of life," said Richard. "We'd love to get more people signed up and it would be great to look at the figures again this time next year and see tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more people supporting their favourite causes."


To find out more visit or join the charity's online campaign featuring the hashtags #lovetoshop #lovetogive #giveforfree