Lofty Heights CIC helping young people to reach new heights...

Lofty Heights CIC are promoting their new recruitment that begins 16/8/18. There are three events around Ipswich focusing on NEETs, especially those that are leaving care or come from the poorest districts of Ipswich. There will be an opportunity for up to 15 young people to earn a place in a dedicated 5 week training program. This will include: health and safety, customer service, safeguarding, and employability skills. All certified courses that will enhance a CV and provide essential qualifications for improved employment.


Those that finish the course will be offered 2 weeks work experience with Lofty Heights, providing practical help in the home and garden. The grand finale is an interview with Lofty Heights CIC for the change of employment and ongoing training for 2 years for a new team of three young people.  


Recruitment flyer  


Lofty Heights are trying to encourage other local employers to give young people a chance of employment and improve their future life chances. We have already put time and effort into engaging a group of up to 15 young people and among them there may be young people who are a good fit for other local organisations and we're inviting them to let us know if they have any opportunities.


There are limited places on the extended program but employers could take advantage of a pool of freshly trained, and newly moulded, enthusiastic young people just looking for an opportunity to prove themselves.


Lofty Heights say:  "This is one occasion where we are happy to have people ride our coat-tails. Our work is unusual and not suitable for everyone so if you can take advantage of the hard work we've put in to shaping these young people, please just give us a call."