Local music social enterprise awarded £60,000



Noise Solution, a local social enterprise using music technology to engage with marginalised young people has been awarded £60,000 over two years from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


Noise Solution pairs informal, professional musicians with young people and adults facing all sorts of challenging circumstances. Specialists at making people quickly successful at creating music in a genre they are interested in or can relate to, moments of success are then captured and shared using a positive digital story or 'blog'. It is this capturing and sharing of success which creates increases in well-being amongst a population labelled 'hardest to reach'. These social impacts have been independently verified through a Cabinet Office funded Impact Report which found Noise Solution to be 'statistically significant' in increasing well-being through its approach.


Alongside this, Project Director Simon Glenister has just completed a two-year Research Masters at Cambridge University studying, understanding and evidencing the Noise Solution approach to give a real academic underpinning to their approach. "It was really important to both me and the organisation that we really understood why what we were doing worked, so we could drive up social impact as much as possible" explained Simon. "The Impact Report combined with the Masters research gives us a really good evidence base to not only independently demonstrate that our approach works, but the understanding to know why it works. This mix of qualitative and quantitative impact evidence is highly unusual for an arts-based intervention".


Noise Solution was recently awarded £60,000 from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to begin to grow the organisation, by growing the capacity of the central team to enable them to reach more people. "We are delighted that the Paul Hamlyn Foundation have supported us, and we are really excited about working with them to take our proven impacts to more young people as part of our growth strategy" continues Simon. "We are looking to employ Senior Tutors who will help us grow their given area whilst maintaining the quality of delivery which is so important to us".


Noise Solution was also recently awarded £50,000 from the Access Impact Management program to take all the learning from the Impact Report and the Masters and use this to develop a new online platform to capture the digital stories of its participants and the subsequent social impacts.  Damien Ribbans, Operations Manager explains more "We are really excited by the potential of the new system we have developed. We can now capture all the qualitative evidence from our participants digital stories on one space, and drill down into those to understand the qualitative impacts as well. Moving forward we have lots of plans to continue to develop the system as we learn more about how people are using it and how we can best use it to engage with our participants and other people that are important around them".


"We have put so much hard work into our research and the subsequent development of our new platform and learned an amazing amount along the way. We are really keen to share this learning with as many interested people and organisations as possible, so we can continue to generate social impacts with as many people as possible" said Simon. "We are opening our Studio in Bury St Edmunds for the afternoon on the 29th March to invite local organisations, individuals, potential Tutors and commissioners in to see what we do and hear our story".


To register for the Open Studio go to https://www.facebook.com/events/348985965601285/ or call Noise Solution on (01284) 771156. More information about Noise Solution can be found on their website at www.noisesolution.org.