Launch of patent-pending app, Mindz, set to revolutionise wellbeing

Launch of Cambridge psychiatrist's patent-pending app, Mindz, set to revolutionise wellbeing


Mindfulness more measurable, thanks to new motion-guided smart-phone app 


29/09/17, Cambridge UK:After 2,500 years of people enjoying the benefits of meditation, a young Cambridge psychiatrist has figured out a new way that technology can make the practice of this ancient stress-busting technique interactive, scientific and fun. Through enabling real-time feedback of mindful breaths on a smart-phone, Dr Tom Mole's patent-pending Mindz app looks set to be the latest wellbeing tech to make it into the mainstream….


Mindz, a free 8-week training programme powered by MindfulBreather® Technology and accessible on smart-phones, is to be launched this Friday, 29th September. Including its core personalisable meditation course, the MindfulSleeper® and a series of quick meditations, Mindz is the world's first app that uses bioscience feedback to help people master the most important meditation skill, mindful breathing.


Users simply lie back with their smart-phone on their abdomen and follow instructions. Tapping the screen each time they reach the top of their in-breath, they are soon led to breathe mindfully. Sensor technology sounds a bell each time a mindful breath is tapped, keeping users on track. Unique algorithms analyse breath patterns and self-awareness using interacting touchscreen and motion sensors. 


Mindz's launch could mark the start of a new phase in popularising science-led healthcare technology.  With mindfulness - a concept with ancient roots from South Asia - now being practiced by millions worldwide, people are increasingly turning to technology to get the benefits. Search the term 'mindfulness' in your app store and you will see many solutions. Few are based on science. None enable users to objectively track progress.


"Grounded in science, yet affordable and simple to use, Mindz demystifies and gives people confidence in learning meditation. It captures evidence of how well they are doing and provides reassurance that they're doing it right, motivating them to continue," explained its creator, Dr Tom Mole, a psychiatrist and meditation neuroscientist based at Cambridge University.


Although developed originally to teach young people mindfulness within an NHS setting, its launch will enable wider adoption, empowering people of all ages and from all walks of life to discover mindfulness for themselves.


"You could say Mindz is FitBit for meditation. Instead of tracking runs with distance and time though, it tracks meditation with mindful breaths," summarised Dr Tom.



Commenting on Mindz's wider significance, Cambridge University Professor Peter Jones said:

"Capturing 'mindful breaths' may create a realistic and objective 'currency' for meditation that holds tremendous potential for mindfulness practice, teaching and research." 


Dr Tom concluded: "21st Century wellbeing urgently needs modern tools to develop the minds of the future. Mindz answers that call."


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