Introducing Homeward Bound

Introducing Homeward Bound


Lofty Heights CIC has teamed up with Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG for a 1 year project to reduce Delayed Discharges from hospital.


Lofty Heights has been working for 5 years to carry out small jobs to allow for existing beds to be moved downstairs or to make space for hospital beds to be delivered on an 'able to pay' basis. This month they have launched a pilot project to carry out this work for Ipswich and East Suffolk patients to receive this service as part of their planned discharge from hospital. This service will include a thorough property inspection to ensure that there are no other reasons to delay the discharge and make further signposting referrals where necessary.


Homeward Bound will carry out up to 4 hours of work to prepare a home. This could include moving furniture to enable downstairs living, infection control of small areas, enabling access for care plans to be put in place, check that smoke alarms and heating systems are functional.


Lofty Heights say: 'Hospital discharges fail for all sorts of reasons but it's especially frustrating for the person, their family and friends when they are stuck in hospital because they don't have fit and mobile people to move furniture for them. We are so pleased that Ipswich and East Suffolk are backing us to prove that our services really do get people home, swiftly and safely.'


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