Dementia Adventure delivers Dementia Friendly Walk Leader Training to the Kent Wildlife Trust

Dementia Adventure delivers Dementia Friendly Walk Leader Training to the Kent Wildlife Trust 


Dementia Adventure has recently delivered another very successful Walk Leader Training day, this time with the Kent Wildlife Trust.  Dementia friendly walks are an opportunity for people living with dementia and their carers, families and friends to get outdoors in a safe and supportive way. The aim being that by helping more and more people living with dementia to maintain their connection with nature and the outdoors and to retain a sense of adventure we can create new opportunities to live well with dementia in our communities.


Using their experience of delivering positive nature and outdoor-based activities, their team of qualified and experienced trainers delivered an introduction to dementia awareness with an emphasis on sensory perception and benefits of connection with nature. Delegates were also introduced to planning and leading dementia friendly walks and other activities.


The training with the Wildlife Trust included ways to improve communication and relationships with people living with dementia by looking at:


  • How dementia affects memory, attention, language, sense and perception.
  • How to work holistically with people living with dementia - through making sensory and emotional connections and recognising needs.
  • And to consider the barriers people living with dementia and staff face in accessing nature and the outdoors.


Each delegate was further encouraged to make a personal action plan to enable them to implement the training in their own community. The plans included auditing visitors' centres, designing and creating a dementia friendly garden, planning events and engaging with other local partners to improve services in the area.


The training was attended by representatives of organisations such as the Kent Wildlife Trust, the Essex Wildlife Trust and Maidstone Borough Council.  To find out more about Dementia Adventure's Walk Leader Training or any other training package, visit or call 01245 237548.