Dementia Adventure announces holidays and respite breaks

Dementia Adventure is delighted to announce more dates, holidays and respite breaks for people living with dementia and their parents/carers in 2016 thanks to the generous support of players of People's Postcode Lottery and the Dementia Adventure Trust.


In 2015, Dementia Adventure delivered 17 holidays and short breaks all over the UK, getting away to places such as Northumberland, the Isle of Wight, North Wales, and the Lake District, benefitting 109 people and exceeding the previous year's total. To keep up with demand the organisation will be running even more holidays this year and have added some new locations including Suffolk and Windermere as well as two new sailing adventures to complement the enormously popular Essex Thames Barge voyage - one travelling from Gosport to Brixham and the other exploring the waters around Torquay.


People living with dementia and their carers can often feel that sharing a holiday with each other is something that can no longer be achievable. However, supported holidays allow carers and people living with dementia to enjoy time away together by removing the barriers that can make taking a break difficult. They offer one-to-one assistance for both carer and person with dementia - someone who has been trained in understanding and managing the needs of a person with dementia. With all the logistical arrangements taken care of and an itinerary created that suits everyone's needs, both the carer and person with dementia can concentrate on themselves and each other.


Lucy Harding, Operations Director, says "Everyone likes a change of scene, to see a beautiful view, to go walking on a beach and feel the sand between their toes, maybe to swim, have a laugh with friends and family, feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their face. Everyone with dementia is different, but why should someone with dementia not need and benefit from some time out the same as everyone else, especially if they have enjoyed holidays all their lives up to the point where they got this disease? With careful planning and research beforehand we can be sure that the facilities we offer people are what they need, and with the right kind of sympathetic support then we can minimise any disruption.


In addition, we do not want the ability to afford respite to stop anyone from taking advantage of the service we offer, and so are extremely grateful for the continued support of players of People's Postcode Lottery and the Dementia Adventure Trust, which underwrites the cost of these small group, "life changing" holidays by making at least one break a year affordable for most people. We are also, this year, offering people the chance to support our charity by paying the full price for our holidays and short breaks if they wish."

Rachel Arnold and her husband Brian joined Dementia Adventure on one of the trips to the Isle of Wight this year: "It allowed us to feel normal and relaxed on holiday again. On being asked what he thought of the holiday, Brian, a man of few words these days, captured it brilliantly: Wonderful!"


For more information about Dementia Adventure holidays and short breaks including itineraries, pricing and booking information please visit or call 01245 237548.