Deloitte's Social Innovation Pioneers Programme

TheGivingMachine wins place on Deloitte Social Innovation Pioneers Programme

Press release

Online shopping portal TheGivingMachine, which encourages shoppers to 'Click, Shop, Give for Free', is gearing up for growth after being selected as part of Deloitte's Social Innovation Pioneers Programme, it announced today. TheGivingMachine will gain access to professional expertise and guidance as part of the programme, for the next stage of its journey as one of the UK's largest non-profit social business.


Deloitte's Social Innovation Pioneers Programme has supported 46 socially innovative businesses since launching in 2012, helping them grow to scale and become investment-ready. 80% of the second year of Pioneers reported increased employment during their time on the programme and an average growth in turnover of 38% was reported across the 16 enterprises.


TheGivingMachine is a not-for-profit social enterprise that helps UK registered beneficiaries to access a source of free cash donations. Guided by social purpose, the fundamental concept behind TheGivingMachine is that the model is not about charity fundraising but a change in attitude. The enterprise enables the act of 'giving' to become a behavioural choice, rather than a financial one.


Free giving


TheGivingMachine has one of the most pioneering models for promoting 'free' charity giving. Every year, online shops pay millions in sales commissions to other websites for referrals.  TheGivingMachine enables shoppers to generate these commissions which it then converts into free donations to the causes chosen by the buyer.  So far, it has raised in excess of £770,000 for good causes through 1.1 million donations, without taking a penny in profit for itself.


As one of this year's 12 social businesses from a range of sectors, industries and regions, TheGivingMachine will benefit from a package of skills-based support from Deloitte employees over the coming year. With this support, TheGivingMachine aims to develop the corporate aspect of its business plan and to call on Deloitte's expertise to help grow the business significantly.


"We are delighted to have been chosen by Deloitte to be part of its Social Innovation Pioneers programme this year", says Richard Morris, founder and managing director of TheGivingMachine. "It's fantastic to have been recognised by Deloitte as a visionary social enterprise with the potential to make an even bigger, positive difference to charities chosen by our Givers, whether local community based, national or international.


Changing behaviours


"Our model encourages a social change that impacts shoppers, retailers and beneficiaries through behavioural choice - combining commerce, social responsibility, customer empowerment and a new and free income stream for beneficiaries," continues Richard. "With Deloitte's expertise and guidance, we hope to open more doors, accelerating our growth to enable even more people to give for free to their chosen causes."


David Barnes, managing partner for public policy at Deloitte said: "I have spent time with a number of our Social Innovation Pioneers and am very proud of what the programme, and the businesses it supports, have achieved. TheGivingMachine is a great example of the type of organisation we engage with through this programme."