Crowdfunding to raise £15,000

Crowdfunding to help homeless young people in Norfolk into work



How manyhomeless young peopledo you see?  Not many?  No, they're invisible.  They're the 'hidden homeless'.  We work with them wherever they're staying.  This may be temporarily with friends ('sofa-surfing'), extended family members, in hostels or even in atent on the beach!  You'll probably agree that it's not an auspicious start to adult life.


We support, train, coach and positively help them to have the skills they need to keep their first home when they get it.  This means developing theirbudgeting skills,understanding bills, debt and APR, knowing where togo for helpas well as supporting them intoemployment.  Someone like Becky in the picture needs all this help as well as support to fulfil her dream.


That's why we're raising money this September.  Through a crowdfunding campaign we will raise £15,000.  With this money we will be able to employ an exceptional and dedicated worker to move homeless young people in Norfolk intopaid employment.  This will massively increase their chances of keeping their home,avoiding future adult homelessnessand leading alife where they fulfil their ambition.


If helping out a good cause isn't enough, we've got some amazing rewards planned for different levels of donations including a celebrity event, personalised artwork and an exclusive gig in a unique rural country house!



The fundraising page will be live from 14th September at www.buzzbnk/yourownplace