Colchester Socent Receives a Prestigious United Nations Invite

Colchester Based Organization Receives a Prestigious United Nations Invite


The founder of Colchester based, The Association of Pension & Benefits Claimant CIC, referred to as the ABC for short, says he was surprised and delighted to be invited to the United Nations, final press conference of The Special Rapporteur, Professor Philip Alston, at the International Maritime Organisation in London on Friday 16th of November.


The invitation said that Professor will present the findings from his investigation into government efforts to eradicate poverty in the UK, including the impact of austerity measures, Universal Credit, child poverty, Brexit, and an increasingly digital government.


The Special Rapporteur has undertaken a high-profile official visit to the UK and has visited Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Essex, Glasgow, Jaywick, London, and Newcastle, and he has met with people affected by poverty, civil society, academics, and government officials. His final report will be presented to the Human Rights Council in Geneva in June 2019.


The ABC has published several thousand articles on their website about issues facing those on low incomes.  Simon found himself in the front row alongside newspapers such as the Times, Financial Times, The Sun, The Guardian and The Independent and a bank of TV cameras from the BBC, Sky TV and news agencies from overseas. The event was live streamed on Facebook


Delegates could only ask one question and Simon asked, 'had the Professor been given the figures for those who died on or shortly after being declared 'Fit to Work' by the DWP'. 'NO' effectively was the answer said, Simon.


The DWP has so far avoided revealing these statistics points out the ABC.


Though the report was couched in diplomatic language, Professor Alston was evidently highly critical of what he had seen and warned of how a 'No Deal' Brexit, could lead to further cuts. Professor Alston explained how a comparatively small amount of money could make overnight changes in people's circumstances and laid to rest the myth that there is a large cohort of people preferring 'life on the dole' by choice. 


The ABC is attracting more and more attention said Simon, who was the special guest at the recent ISMA (International Stress Management Association) conference in Central London. BIG Society Capital has appointed a mentee to assist him with his project Work TV and the appearance at the ISMA conference has led to interest from two book publishers.


Simon has a tip for young people interested in a media career 'If you see a word you don't understand, look up its meaning in Google'. Words describe concepts and the more concepts you understand the better you can navigate life's highway and the better you can communicate your ideas…  Simon also recommends that parents get their children to read aloud passages from books for three or four times a week. It can be done while cooking dinner - just ten or twenty minutes a session, several times a week can help wire up the young person mind and boost your child's confidence, recommends Simon.