Click , Shop and Give for FREE

Online shopping website TheGivingMachine (TGM) is launching a digital toolbar designed for your PC and Mac internet browsers to make it even easier for shoppers to 'Click, Shop, and Give for Free'. TGM's 'Shop&Give reminder' alerts online shoppers to the retailers that will donate free money to charities of your choice whenever you shop online.


When you search for a product online once the 'Shop&Give reminder' is installed, a red heart icon appears alongside those retailers who will donate via TheGivingMachine to your favourite causes. The heart also appears when a shopper visits a participating retailer's website, reminding the shopper that their purchases will generate free donations. So far, more than 1,700 retailers participate in the scheme.


Every year, online shops pay hundreds of millions of pounds in online sales commissions via established affiliate marketing services. TGM enables shoppers to generate these commissions, converting them into free donations for the shopper's chosen causes.  The retailer - not the shopper - donates money via TGM without it costing the shopper a penny, thereby turning a 'shopper' into a 'Giver'. To date, TGM Givers have raised more than £770,000 from over 1.2 million donations.


TGM founder and managing director Richard Morris says: "We currently have over 80,000 Givers using our portal. The new 'Shop&Give reminder' makes it even easier for Givers to give for free with every online purchase they make. With over 1,700 shops participating and more joining every week, it's hard to remember them all - now you don't have to.  Our shops are delighted that we can help them connect with customers and causes to make a difference as part of everyday business.     


"Giving is good for companies, their customers and communities. The launch of our 'Reminder' toolbar is the next step in connecting companies, customers and communities by ensuring our online shopping community has every opportunity to give for free. We can't wait to launch our newest development."


TGM is the only not-for-profit affiliate shopping portal of its kind. TGM donates 75% of all its commission income directly to charity based on the Giver's preferences, higher than any other donor model. TGM is also the only scheme that offers users the choice of up to four charities to regularly support.


The 'Shop&Give' reminder operates for Laptops, PCs and Macs on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari and the system is currently being developed to operate on mobile phones and tablets. The toolbar extension is located within a browser and operates within the search engine.


The 'Shop&Give' toolbar will be available for download by the end of September. For more information about TGM, please visit