Change Management Outcomes

Change Management Outcomes


When it comes to training, in whatever form it may be, organisations have traditionally viewed it as a cost.  In Change Management Brokers we are seeing a shift of emphasis where SME's and Social Enterprises, in particular, are beginning to see it as an affordable investment.


This change of view comes where they are able to identify the benefits of focussing on the four key areas where they may need help.


Business Planning

Without a compelling and focussed Business Plan it can be extremely difficult to persuade a funder to take seriously your innovative ideas and provide the funding needed to grow your enterprise.

A sound Business Plan shows that you have:

  1. A clear and precise direction of travel for the growth of your enterprise and an action plan that will deliver it.

  2. A clear understanding of how your enterprise delivers and an on-going plan for continuous improvement 

  3. Clarity on what funding is required and how the return on that funding will be realised. 

  4. The ability to bid for, and win, turnover work through a complete understanding of potential clients' requirements.



    Any enterprise needs has to be able to deliver its goods or services in an effective way. Many companies fall down because their paperwork and management systems are not geared to efficient and consistent processes that ensure, for example, that invoicing is completed accurately and cash flow is optimised.

    The ease of use is paramount when deciding how management systems, procedures and processes are formulated.


    Customer/Client Focus

    It is never enough to believe that your business will grow just because you have a good product or service.

    A Sales and Marketing Plan will:

  1. Detail the specifics of the sectors from which the company's revenues will be generated, analyse the growth trends of your chosen sectors and show a thorough understanding of your potential client base.

  2. Provide prospective funders with confidence that you have delved deeply into your chosen market and that you understand what needs to be done and by when to satisfy customers' needs.

  3. Provide a strong commitment to look outwards towards your client base: keeping your client base happy is the difference between failure and success.



Never be satisfied that your service or product offering is as good as it gets.  The most successful companies are constantly developing innovative ways to deliver better products or services and to stay ahead of the competitors and grow their enterprise.

What your client wants today will not be what they will want tomorrow: continuous improvement must be at the forefront of your thinking and be the driving force behind your Business Plan, Operational efficiency and Customer / Client Focus.

Getting to grips with these essentials is the key to successful growth. Understanding where you need help to do that is the first step.


Jeff Demicol

Operations Director

Change Management Brokers



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are not necessarily shared by SEEE.