Cambridge Social Venture’s newest graduate has launched mamoq

Cambridge Social Venture's newest graduate has launched mamoq- an online store where you can#buysocial and shop consciously made clothing, accessories and more!


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mamoq provides a curated selection of clothing and accessories from vetted brands who show a tangible commitment to ethical and sustainable production.  Whether you are looking for organic, fair-trade fashion, or want to support impact brands that give back, there is something for everyone.


Why Do We Need It?

The fashion industry is considered one of the most polluting industries in the world, and is commonly embroiled in scandals of labour exploitation.  However, globalised supply chains and a general lack of transparency often mean that companies are never held accountable for their irresponsible- and often dangerous- production practices. 


This reality is made worse by the fact that shoppers are consuming at an all time high.  Cheap fast fashion has ushered in a mentality that clothing is 'disposable', and this has perpetuated an unsustainable industry that is wreaking havoc on our planet, and those at the bottom of the pyramid who are trapped in it's claws. 


In order to reverse this cycle, we need to fundamentally change the way we consume fashion,andthe way we produce it.  That is what mamoq is on a mission to do.


What's Special About It?

The founders are committed to creating a place where you can truly understand where your products are coming from, and ultimately feel proud about choosing them.  That is why we aim to provide as much information as possible to our community.


Each brand is evaluated against 12 different criteria that the founders believe contribute to making the fashion industry a more positive place.  These range from the employment of marginalised communities to eco-friendly production and handmade collections.  To help you find products that align with your particular values, you can filter your product search by these 12 criteria.


If you are still keen for more information, mamoq also conducts an interview with the founder of every brand we partner with so there is plenty of reading to sink your teeth into.


mamoq is a registered UK social enterprise, and donates a portion of profits to support other social entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.


How Can You Start Becoming a More Conscious Shopper Now?


Just remember to think: mamoq!


(M)eaning- search for meaning in the clothes you buy, and only buy what you truly love!


(A)ccountability- support brands who are accountable for (and proud of!) their production practices.


(M)aterial- opt for more sustainable options where you can.  As a general rule, natural, organic fibres are your best bet!


(O)pportunity- buy from brands who create opportunity for others through their production.


(Q)uality- Choose quality over quantity every time!



Want more?


To learn more about our ethos & philosophy, or to simply start discovering new ethical brands, head to!


If you have a specific question and want to get in touch, simply write a quick note to and we will get back to you as soon as we can!